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Tomato shelter

21 May 2012


I have had a busy weekend making this shelter at the end of my garden, it is a shrine to tomatoes and in a few weeks basil – plus a few peppers if I can squeeze them in too. To some it may not be the prettiest of structures but I rather love it. Inside I have growing yellow pear, gardeners delight, costoluto fiorentino, beefsteak, tiny tim and dolcevita, the tiny tims will be potted out when it gets a bit warmer to grow on the patio. A huge thankyou has to go out to my friend Mike who helped build this architectural beauty, we will be sharing some tomatoes later in the year. …READ MORE…

Tomato harvest

8 September 2011


Today I made tomato sauce. I have tried many tomato sauce recipes but the best in my opinion is Sarah Ravens Really rich tomato sauce recipe page 277 of her garden book, although I do fry off the tomato puree with the onion before I pop in the chopped tomatoes etc. I grow my tomatoes along the wall underneath my kitchen window mainly because they get more attention if they are right under our feet. This year I grew huge Costoluto Fiorentino, Gardeners Delight and sweet red and yellow cherry. I now have to find a recipe for the chilly looking green tomatoes left on the vine. …READ MORE…