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Colour fix

7 November 2011


I visited Westonbirt Arboretum to get my autumn colour fix. This is the hoard we came back with, the large brown leaves are my favourite for their leathery looks, the kids love the red and yellow maple leaves which they fashioned into fairy dresses! …READ MORE…

Oh my!

8 October 2011


The big clear up has started! I found myself with a few hours this afternoon so I headed down to the allotment with a big bag of hungarian (rye) grass, a cup of tea and Betty the dog. The kids were at home making fondant fancies for my birthday treat! I cleared one and a half beds, watered the soil before sowing the seed and then scattered it around, hope it works! Betty mainly stared at the floor looking for insects and chewed stones. The beds are now tidyish, the compost heap is bulging, the fancies were large and delicious, the dog is asleep…..a top day. …READ MORE…

Autumn Berries

6 October 2011


On the dog walk this morning I collected some berries that are hanging like jewels from the hedgerows. I am trying to get inspiration for my next print and I just love the combination of glossy red and blacky blue in these fruits. Uk folklore states that blackberries should not be picked after Old Michaelmas Day (11th October) as the devil has claimed them by weeing on the leaves! so hurry up to pick the last few for your crumbles, the birds will feast on the rest. …READ MORE…


23 September 2011


I have been out and about collecting honesty seed which I am going to firstly throw along the sides of the allotment and then sow some in pots with seed compost and cover with grit. I love the papery thin seed heads in autumn and they are addictive when pulling the heads apart to get to the large flat seeds. …READ MORE…