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Tomato shelter

21 May 2012


I have had a busy weekend making this shelter at the end of my garden, it is a shrine to tomatoes and in a few weeks basil – plus a few peppers if I can squeeze them in too. To some it may not be the prettiest of structures but I rather love it. Inside I have growing yellow pear, gardeners delight, costoluto fiorentino, beefsteak, tiny tim and dolcevita, the tiny tims will be potted out when it gets a bit warmer to grow on the patio. A huge thankyou has to go out to my friend Mike who helped build this architectural beauty, we will be sharing some tomatoes later in the year. …READ MORE…

The allotment today

29 March 2012


The allotment looks very ordered at the moment, the spuds are in and earthed up, and the first seed bed is done and warming up in the sun. Next job is to get those sweet peas in and sort out the herb bed. …READ MORE…

Love is….

31 January 2012


I found this cute seed potato in a bag of rocket first earlies! I just know it will make the tastiest spuds! …READ MORE…

Gorgeous Gourds

5 October 2011


I have been busy printing my Gorgeous Gourd print, so check it out in my shop! …READ MORE…


23 September 2011


Today my eldest took our allotment finds into school to decorate the church in Southrop for Harvest Festival. We managed to gather sunflower heads, strawberry plants, gourds, shallots and the last custard squash. The children had a fab time decorating and I love the apples in patterns and stacks. Although my overall favourite must be the rhubarb crosses, genius. …READ MORE…


20 September 2011



The first pic below is from my allotment and is one of two surviving pumpkins, they are the carving type so hopefully will put on a bit of weight before halloween. The other beauties are from Hicote kitchen garden in Gloucestershire. I must try harder next year! The short pumpkin film was done a couple of years ago by myself and Stephen. …READ MORE…

Gorgeous Gourds!

20 September 2011


This morning I have been searching through the allotment looking for harvest festival produce for my daughters school. All I found were some very weedy leeks, some savaged cabbage, alot of spinach, a couple of raspberries and a handful of blueberries. I did however discover the gourds which are happily climbing up anything they can reach and crawling all over the floor. They are not edible so I am not sure they can be classified as a harvest, but they will make the classroom look pretty! …READ MORE…

Tomato harvest

8 September 2011


Today I made tomato sauce. I have tried many tomato sauce recipes but the best in my opinion is Sarah Ravens Really rich tomato sauce recipe page 277 of her garden book, although I do fry off the tomato puree with the onion before I pop in the chopped tomatoes etc. I grow my tomatoes along the wall underneath my kitchen window mainly because they get more attention if they are right under our feet. This year I grew huge Costoluto Fiorentino, Gardeners Delight and sweet red and yellow cherry. I now have to find a recipe for the chilly looking green tomatoes left on the vine. …READ MORE…

Peas Print

6 September 2011


A new print!  …READ MORE…

Custard Squash

24 August 2011


I was rummaging around at the bottom of the borlotti beans and found this creamy white squash, the plant was a swap with a neighbour and I just love it’s bulbous form. …READ MORE…