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10 June 2012


It’s that time of year again to take a trip down a country lane to find the delicate elderflowers hanging briefly from the elder tree, the season is short so grab some while you can. I have made 2 cordial recipes, one with more fruit and less sugar and the other with an obscene about of sugar and lemons, tomorrow will be the taste test! …READ MORE…

Wild drawings

10 May 2012


After a lovely dog walk in the rain, and just before I had to dash out on the school club run, I spent an hour drawing these wild flowers picked from alongside the country lanes. One of my absolute favourite wild flower is the cowslip also known by the kids as fairy cups. What I didn’t realise is that the flowers have the most delicious scent of honeysuckle and are edible, so throw them in your salad bowl. …READ MORE…

The Grounds

10 April 2012


Here are some of my favourite garden views taken in cornish national trust gardens. The magnolias were magnificent with their large teardrop petals and the gunnera were just about large enough to use as umbrellas. …READ MORE…

Wild and free

5 March 2012


I was very excited to see today these wild garlic leaves emerging from a shady spot by the compost bins. Last spring I foraged a few plants from the side of lanes where it grows in abundance and transplanted them to the allotment. I adore the smell of wild garlic and the balls of tiny white flowers are so pretty and delicious to eat. …READ MORE…


15 December 2011


A festive print based on mistletoe and its traditions at christmas. …READ MORE…


23 September 2011


I have been out and about collecting honesty seed which I am going to firstly throw along the sides of the allotment and then sow some in pots with seed compost and cover with grit. I love the papery thin seed heads in autumn and they are addictive when pulling the heads apart to get to the large flat seeds. …READ MORE…

Sweet Peas

25 August 2011


The sweet peas stand at the bottom of the allotment nearest the river in the middle of the herb bed. They seem to like it here. This year they clamber majestically up hazel poles after I discovered, earlier this year, a hazel tree nearby. They are the ultimate english cut and come again summer bloom, and sooooo pretty. …READ MORE…

Bring me sunshine

7 August 2011


The hot weather has popped out the sun worshipping sunflowers. I plant them in full sun and use seed that I collect from any local sunflowers that I like. …READ MORE…

Illuminating sweet peas

31 July 2011


I got my colour fix today by picking the first bunch of sweet peas and later visiting the luminarium. …READ MORE…

Sun flowers

14 July 2011


This sunflower is about to explode any day now.. I spotted a ladybird taking in the sun. …READ MORE…