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Illuminating sweet peas

31 July 2011


I got my colour fix today by picking the first bunch of sweet peas and later visiting the luminarium. …READ MORE…


30 July 2011


A day out to the Puzzlewood, a very strange landscape created by open cast mining. Apparently it was an inspiration to Tolkien for parts of middle earth. Great shades of green.. but no Hobbits. …READ MORE…

The Isle

26 July 2011


I visit the Isle of Wight every year as my parents emigrated there! the best place on the island is the Ventnor Botanical Gardens which is a riot of plants and colour. In the far left hand corner of the gardens you can take a path down to Steephill Cove which is the most beautiful seaside cove, and if your lucky you might see the crab boat unloading its catch of the day ready to be made into crab pasties, yum. …READ MORE…

The circus comes to town

8 July 2011


Today we went to Gifford Circus, a visual feast of acrobatics, juggling, music, horses, pigeons, snow machines, hawks, fire, and a clever goose. Not forgetting the best clown you could ever see, Clown Tweedy who’s mix of humour, comic timing and daftness is brilliant and the candyfloss was pretty good too! …READ MORE…