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My Instagram Week

11 June 2012


Elderflowers, New Chick and Ducks, The Allotment, Chelsea Flower Show and Designing Britain at the V&A. …READ MORE…

The allotment today

29 March 2012


The allotment looks very ordered at the moment, the spuds are in and earthed up, and the first seed bed is done and warming up in the sun. Next job is to get those sweet peas in and sort out the herb bed. …READ MORE…

Tree print

13 March 2012


Here is my new tree screenprint, influenced by the striking silhouettes of trees at this time of year. Available to buy in my shop in three colours, black, purple or orange. …READ MORE…

Wild and free

5 March 2012


I was very excited to see today these wild garlic leaves emerging from a shady spot by the compost bins. Last spring I foraged a few plants from the side of lanes where it grows in abundance and transplanted them to the allotment. I adore the smell of wild garlic and the balls of tiny white flowers are so pretty and delicious to eat. …READ MORE…


5 March 2012


The first signs of the rhubarb waking up is here! It seems a bit mean but the best way is to find something tall and dark to start forcing it to grow sweetly and quickly. A makeshift lid means that progress can easily be checked, of course I do this at night with candlelight! …READ MORE…

Lovely ladies.

26 January 2012


We have been keeping hens on the allotment for the last 5 years, I often get asked how easy and expensive it is to set up so here are some pros and cons… …READ MORE…


16 January 2012


I have just spent the last hour labelling and stacking all the pots of ink, I put this behaviour down to it being January and still too dark to head to the allotment. I am saving the plan chest for another day! …READ MORE…


22 December 2011


I have just made our wreaths, one for the front door of the house and one for the front door of the allotment, ¬†Happy Holidays! …READ MORE…

Oh my!

8 October 2011


The big clear up has started! I found myself with a few hours this afternoon so I headed down to the allotment with a big bag of hungarian (rye) grass, a cup of tea and Betty the dog. The kids were at home making fondant fancies for my birthday treat! I cleared one and a half beds, watered the soil before sowing the seed and then scattered it around, hope it works! Betty mainly stared at the floor looking for insects and chewed stones. The beds are now tidyish, the compost heap is bulging, the fancies were large and delicious, the dog is asleep…..a top day. …READ MORE…

Autumn Berries

6 October 2011


On the dog walk this morning I collected some berries that are hanging like jewels from the hedgerows. I am trying to get inspiration for my next print and I just love the combination of glossy red and blacky blue in these fruits. Uk folklore states that blackberries should not be picked after Old Michaelmas Day (11th October) as the devil has claimed them by weeing on the leaves! so hurry up to pick the last few for your crumbles, the birds will feast on the rest. …READ MORE…