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Tree print

13 March 2012


Here is my new tree screenprint, influenced by the striking silhouettes of trees at this time of year. Available to buy in my shop in three colours, black, purple or orange. …READ MORE…


16 January 2012


I have just spent the last hour labelling and stacking all the pots of ink, I put this behaviour down to it being January and still too dark to head to the allotment. I am saving the plan chest for another day! …READ MORE…

Cone Print

16 January 2012


So I have been messing about with halftone images and paper cut outs, get yours in the shop.

Gorgeous Gourds

5 October 2011


I have been busy printing my Gorgeous Gourd print, so check it out in my shop! …READ MORE…

Peas Print

6 September 2011


A new print!  …READ MORE…

Peas and luv.

25 July 2011


A new print coming soon.. …READ MORE…

Spider’s web

6 July 2011


A new print based on a spider’s web I saw on the shed wall. I have printed this in a edition of 20, which you can buy from my shop. …READ MORE…